mediainfotec is web streaming company in Hyderabad, India
About Us

Live streaming

Broadcasting a live event in Internet in real time can only be done by leveraging the power of live event streaming. Streaming media technology is an exciting new application, which allows users to broadcast different types of events in real time in different platforms. However, if you make an attempt to broadcast an event live without having proper planning and professional exposure in this domain, the entire effort can botch up miserably.

Now, this is virtually impossible without getting professional live streaming video services from any reputed streaming video companies. Mediainfotec is one of those few reputed streaming video companies who are extremely efficient in live video streaming services for its clients at competitive rate. Some of the unique aspects of our streaming video services are specified below:

* Bettering the quality of video content, live video streaming services.
* We are always striving hard to stream highest quality of video so that your targeted audience will not have to face any difficulty while watching it.
* We have a team of seasoned technicians and professionals who are all well versed with latest technologies.
* Experience seamless broadcasting of a live event with us.
* Coverage with professionals by two cameras.
* Dedicated Servers,Adequate Storage.
* Password secured player for user authentication.
* A personalized Webpage designed to capture the spirit of your special day.
* A real time video stream of your event viewable world-wide on your custom Website.
* An on-demand archive which enables you to access the broadcast for a period of six months
* Online guest book.
* Live chating and Messaging to friends and family at remote location that make them to be like as the part of the event.

Our Capabilities :

  • HTML web design for websites, intranets, and other web projects Content management Systems
  • Website hosting, domain name registration, DNS and e-mail
  • Macromedia Flash design and programming
  • Website promotion and banner ad creation
  • Web programming with databases (MySQL), PHP, CGI scripts, JavaScript, and more Daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance of websites
  • Custom applications such as: e-commerce, auctions, classified boards and the like.
  • About anything web related

Our Experience

Our management and staff is experienced in website development, design, e-commerce, and programming. We can handle any size website. We also have over twenty years of combined experience in business development and marketing. Webstix, Inc. is a company that is qualified to assist you and your clients.

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