mediainfotec is web streaming company in Hyderabad, India
About Us


Mediainfotec has been established adopting new trends in technology and developement. Our company is expanding not only in terms of web marketing but also in software development and Live & Stored streaming.We merge technology and long term business experience to create a team that not onlyspeaks e-language but also uses traditional business savvy to provide you with a complete business package.

Our careful study in this industry have provided us with an insight that we can only provide impeccable service in the market than our competitors. We provide flexible services to cope up with the growth of our industry as well as technologies in streaming applications. We not only provide community based applications but also have created solutions for internationally renowned multimedia groups.

It has taken time for the Internet to come of age, and time to fully understand the impact of its use. We have gone through these cycles and learned first hand from the unfolding of an industry. We are tested by experience, knowledge and talent.We are fueled by the each clients success.

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