mediainfotec is web streaming company in Hyderabad, India

Concept of business partners

Mediainfotec business model programme has a clear vision in helping you to generate revenue by promoting the concept of web casting various events of an individual or a company happening in their life time All you have to do is to, at any routine video coverage, you should include the new concept of web casting at very reasonable cost. As a business partner you will have the privilege to use our technology to web cast the event and in turn earn a handsome share of revenue from the company.

Benefits of business partnership

Mediainfotec offers wide range of services & benefits for the potential business partners

  • Mediainfotec - Premium One Stop web casting Portal
  • Web Design, Hosting Domain Registration
  • Building Search Engines
  • Easily accessible and maintainable services
  • Search engine Marketing and Search engine Optimization (SEO & SEM)
  • Specific Soft wares based on Virtuous applications and customized according to the client needs
  • We also have print directory that caters only to wedding related products & services

  • The products and services offered by Mediainfotec .com are prominent for their quality and customer focus. Being business partner will enable you to offer these services to your own customers-
  • We offer our consumers best & competitive services related to event web casting
  • Business partners can upload their videos, images in our web site.
  • As a top ranker in Goggle search, our website link enhances the search engine visibility of our business   partners websites.
  • We have 24X7 customer service, helping the website visitors through channel voice hotline
  • - Indian user-8121814820

  • Requirements to be a business partner

  • The first and foremost requisite is that he should be a professional photographer / videographer.
    should be having a laptop of above p4 configuration with good battery backup.
    should be having portable DATA CARD with internet speeds of minimum 512 kbps.
    Also cables to upload videos / audio from camera to laptop.

  • Registration Process

    Fill the application form available online with all details specified.
    Registration Fees: Rs. 500.00
    Minimum Stream Hosting startup package: 10.00 Hrs. @ Rs.500.00 / Hr..

    Stream Hosting Packages to Choose From

    Minimum start up package: Rs. 5,000=00 (10 Hrs)
    Plan A. Minimum 25 Hrs @Rs.400./hr.= Rs.10, 000=00
    Plan B. Minimum 50 Hrs @ 300.0/hr.= Rs.15, 000=00 .

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