Mediainfotec Team are experienced and professional and you feel confident that they are there to make event successful. Everything went through very smoothly. We would definitely use them again.


I would have to say out of all our technology that the Mediainfotec appliance has to be the one we have no problems with and it works every time. I would like to see more implementation towards the remote support appliance.

- C. Srinath

The extremely easy installation and almost flawless operation make it a no-brainer for any company needing the services it provides.

- Awadesh Panday

We were looking for a Web conferencing solution that would allow our staff to support and train over 200 users - without breaking the stream or overwhelming our network with unnecessary features which we would never use. Mediainfotec is an web conference that has a very clean and easy interface for setting up, scheduling and conducting web conference.

-Chalpathy Raju(Copyrights Safety systems)

Mediainfotec webmeeting has allowed us to stay in touch with our customers worldwide, both spontaneously and in structured meetings. With Mediainfotec , we have achieved significant cost reductions by reducing the need for on-site visits.

-T .Vikram Rao

We've enjoyed working with Mediainfotec on Webcasts and we've been very successful generating leads and starting good dialogue with potential clients via these events. The technology is simple and straightforward and we've yet to encounter any significant glitches. The 15-minute dry run has been plenty of time to get our speakers feeling comfortable with driving the slides, monitoring questions. Your 10-year-old could do it.

- Sai srikanth